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Supplying information high-technology system and software to enterprises

StarSoft’s phenomenal growth is attributed to its early adaptation of global economies of scale. The company offers a plethora of IT assistance, sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support services to corporations in over 100 countries throughout the globe. In addition, the company’s early adoption of the internet, while all-the-while leveraging the human resource talents of 83 Million Vietnamese citizens has solidly earned its place among one of the finest corporations in Vietnamese history.

The growth of the company, and its’ unbridled success owes itself to the identification, and recruitment, or key experienced business executives with specialties in outsourced sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. These experienced business executives provided the platform for all of Star’s employees to shine.

A number of centers were set up including the Star Center of Offshore Outsourcing, the Star Center of Software Development, Star Center for Creative and Web Site Development, Star Center for Import & Export Services, Star Center for Database Creation and Management, and the Star Center for Business Cooperation and Development. All of these centers work together to form a state-of-the-art center - that is Star.

Star’s corporate headquarters is in Hanoi, Vietnam, thus providing the corporation with unlimited human resources at cost-effective and efficient rates to further fuel the new world order and global economy. Star is one of the reasons that Vietnam was admitted to the World Trade Organization. It provides a consistent, steady, and insured source of resources to the world. The Star Group brings business opportunities, profits, and long- term strategic success to some of the largest investors throughout the world.

If your organization is seeking partners who can provide stability, yet the willingness to” push the envelope” toward profits, and risk-adverse rewards, then you should contact Star and join our rapidly growing list of Tier-One firms.


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Level 2, Kinh Do Building
292 Tay Son Road, Dong Da District
Tel: +8424 38 567 777
Hotline: 09 43 42 8998
Fax: +844 3 944 6455

Ho Chi Minh City
Level 3, Loc Phat Building,
68 Bach Dang Street,
Ward 2, Tan Binh District
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