Our outsourcing services benefit organizations seeking for affordable solutions in maintaining back office operations in order to focus more on business development. We help transform your business by ensuring statutory compliance, competitiveness and timely decision making.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax compliance
  • Payroll processing
  • Staffing
  • Software outsourcing
  • Recruitment

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Payroll processing

Our payroll processing service is to give you the flexibility, less time consuming, and to protect the confidentiality of your internal HR control system.

  • Setting up and checking the payroll system
  • Calculating the payment, the retaining amount in compliance to the Labour Law
  • Making payment according to your company regulations
  • Prepare the payroll recurrent report
  • Performing administrative procedures in respect of individual income
  • Implementing social and health insurance procedures

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Tax compliance

To save time and reduce exceptional penalty costs due to late tax payment, tax filing or due to missing/errors, we provide following services:

  • Register enterprise tax code/ personal income tax code
  • Register/purchase invoice
  • Process annual/quarter/ monthly tax
  • Prepare periodical tax report
  • Prepare tax finalization report: Business income tax, personal income tax, withholding tax etc…
  • Remind client for tax payment
  • Prepare VAT remission/ personal income tax remission

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Chief acountant

Our outsourced chief accountant service helps customers to supervise on the compliance with Vietnamese accounting standards and current regulations.

Scope of work

  • Document validity and legality
  • Accounting entries
  • Bookkeeping system and financial statements maintenance
  • Financial statements and tax reports preparation
  • Host external audits and tax audits


  • Accounting books in order
  • Set of periodical financial and tax reports
  • Year-end financial statements and tax reports

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We are providing professional staff from both local and oversea who are carefully evaluated and tested in order to meet your requirements at any given time.

You can enjoy various options with our services:

  • Searching and screening
  • Selecting suitable candidates
  • Conducting candidates qualification tests
  • Selecting and recruiting the candidates as per your job requirements
  • Interviewing and performing professional tests
  • Evaluating
  • Negotiating salary and working conditions

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